So What Is This Blog All About?

Do You Love To Keep Chickens?

Are You Thinking of Starting Your First Flock?

Then this blog is for you!

The Hermit House Homesteading blog is where we intend to give back to the online community of backyard chicken keepers. At Hermit House, we have been keeping and breeding chickens since July 2013. Since then, we have kept and hatched hundreds of chicks and we have learned a lot, often the hard way. We want to share the know-how we wished we had when we started keeping chickens. On this blog, we will share advice, how to guides, and tools for taking care of your flock, as well as stories about our chickens, and community support to fellow keepers!

Should I Name My Chickens? Our Story and Thoughts on the Matter

If you are researching chicken keeping, you might come across discussions on naming birds. The idea being that if you don’t name your chickens you become less attached to them and they are easier to cull for meat when the time comes.

When you get your first flock you are going to need to make this decision, do you name your chickens or not?

When we got our first clutch of chicks, we intended for them to be meat birds as well as layers. We tried not to name them but ran into a problem, whenever a chick did something cute or funny that we wanted to share we had no way of referring to them…

Backyard chickens for autistic child approved by BOC — Cobb County Courier

Backyard Chicken News: “After an impassioned presentation from Cobb homeowner Cecile Ferguson, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved a Land Use Permit for four backyard chickens on her 0.76-acre lot. The chickens will serve as therapy animals for her son Josiah, who has autism…”